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Conical Mills (Over-Driven)



Technical Description

The Hanningfield Uni-Mill B-Series (M10-B, M20-B, M30-B, M60-B) utilises the current industry standard over-driven conical mill design, featuring a belt-driven impeller, rotating inside a screen (60º inclusive screen angle). This principle achieves comminution by compression and shearing of the particles between the impeller and surface of the screen.

The Uni-Mill over-driven models are designed to be used with spacers, allowing customers to adjust and set the optimal gap between the screen and impeller for efficient milling (for spacer-less mills see Under-Driven Conical Mills). The Uni-Mill can be supplied with a wide-range of tooling to achieve the required final particle size and throughput. Conical mills are able to achieve size reduction as low as 150 microns (80 mesh) with minimal heat generation and are suitable for both dry and wet milling applications.

As standard, all contact parts are manufactured from 316L stainless steel (180 grit), with FDA compliant seals, gaskets etc. Non-contact parts such as frames, motor covers and control panels are manufactured from 304 stainless steel (150 grit). All standard materials of construction and surface finishes can be upgraded or downgraded upon request.

Various mounting solutions are available and the conical mill can be customised with a selection of inlet and outlet configurations including hand-feed chute, valve assemblies, tri-clover connections, vacuum adaptors or any other bespoke design required for process integration.

The Uni-Mill can also be modified with optional upgrade features including temperature monitoring, CIP, WIP, pre-breakers, nitrogen purging and ATEX execution where applicable. All equipment can be supplied with full validation documentation (FS/DS, FAT, SAT, IQ/OQ) and 3.1 mill certificates to EN10204.

Typical Applications

  • In-Line Vacuum Milling
    In-Line Vacuum Milling

    In-line vacuum transfer through an over-driven conical mill for achieving automated, dust-tight milling (same process can be achieved with an under-driven conical mill).



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Data Table

Criteria Unit Uni-Mill M10-B Uni-Mill M20-B Uni-Mill M30-B Uni-Mill M60-B
Max. Throughput kgs/hr 360 1800 3600 7200
lbs/hr 800 4000 8000 16000
Screen Diameter mm 127 203 305 609
in 3.25 8 12 24
Standard Motor kW 1.5 4 7.5 15
HP 2 5 10 20
Standard Speed RPM 2440 1480 960 480
Approx. Weight kgs 150 200 250 475
lbs 330 440 550 1045
Lowest Achievable Particle Size Approx. 150 microns (80 mesh)
Typical Noise Level  <78dB
Contact Parts AISI 316L stainless steel (1.4404)
Non-Contact Parts AISI 304 stainless steel (1.4301)
Country of Design United Kingdom
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

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