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Hoists (Lift Systems)



Technical Description

Hanningfield Uni-Hoist lift systems are designed for the handling of containers such as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), drums, containers and bins. The lift column can also be used to manoeuvre process machinery such as vacuum conveyors, mills, lump-breakers etc.

With hundreds of installations worldwide, Hanningfield’s stainless steel lift columns are engineered for safe and repeatable operation in hygienic environments. The hoist lift systems utilise either a lead-screw or chain lifting mechanism, with fail-safe features to prevent the load slipping in case of malfunction.

The hoists can be powered by electric, pneumatic or manual hand-winding. Meanwhile, the hoists can also be stationary (mounted to floor, wall, floor-to-ceiling etc.) or mobile on a trolley with castors. Considering these variations, the Uni-Hoist is available in six standard models to satisfy every application (with custom built hoists also available):

The Uni-Hoist can be modified to accommodate any load type (lifting forks, clamp arm, squeeze cone, platform, hook etc.) As standard, the Uni-Hoist is manufactured from 304 stainless steel (150 grit) and is designed for use in hygienic GMP environments, with smooth surfaces and all aesthetic welds polished.

The Uni-Hoist can be supplied with full validation documentation (FS/DS, FAT, SAT, IQ/OQ) and 3.1 mill certificates to EN10204 if required.


Typical Applications

  • Lifting IBC above Tablet Press
    Lifting IBC above Tablet Press

    The Uni-Hoist HES can be used to raise and dock IBCs above a process machine for discharging powder directly into the loading hopper.

  • Duplex Hoist for Fast IBC Changeover
    Duplex Hoist for Fast IBC Changeover

    The Uni-Hoist (HES Duplex) features two independent lifting platforms; this allows the unloading of empty IBCs and loading of full IBCs onto the passive half while the active half discharges, minimising changeover time between batches.

  • Raise and Lower of Mixer
    Raise and Lower of Mixer

    The Uni-Hoist can be used for the simple raise and lower of mixers into vessels.


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Data Table

Light Duty (SWL ≤ 250kgs)
Medium Duty (SWL ≤ 750kgs) x x x x x
Heavy Duty (SWL ≤ 2000kgs) x x x x x
Raise and Lower (of Load)
Inversion (of Load)
Rotation (of Base) x x x
Power Supply Electric (3-phase) None / Manual Compressed Air
Material of Construction AISI 304 stainless steel (1.4301)
Country of Design United Kingdom
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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