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Custom Made Equipment for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

6th October, 2017 Custom Fabrication
Custom Made Pharmaceutical Machinery With 30 years experience as a manufacturer of process machinery in the pharmaceutical industry, we recognise the importance of custom made solutions to overcome unique powder handling problems. Manufacturing plants evolve over time and, as a consequence, are often imperfectly configured.…

Post Hoist for Vacuum Conveyor / Hopper

28th September, 2017 Hoists (Lift Systems)
Vacuum transfer is used to to make the vertical transfer of material simpler and safer.  Consequently, it is often required to suspend the vacuum hopper at height, while retaining the ability to control the hopper (e.g. lower and dock onto an inlet). We supply a…

Pharmaceutical Pilot Mill for Scalable Results

21st September, 2017 Conical Mills
The Need for a Pilot Mill Before moving to large scale production milling, it is often necessary to carry out further product and process testing with a pilot mill, as part of an intermediate stage before large sums of capital are committed to full scale…
Grind materials into powders using lab cone mill
12th September, 2017 Conical Mills
Achieve Uniform Particle Sizing with Cone Mills Size reduction mills (i.e. cone mills) are used widely throughout the pharmaceutical industry for the reduction of active ingredients (API's), bulk pharmaceuticals (BPI's) and excipients such as lactose, HPMC (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose) and others. In most applications, including where…