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Custom Fabrication

As a manufacturer and not just a supplier, Hanningfield understands the need for customisation. We know it can sometimes be difficult to find an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to your problem. It can also be difficult to find a supplier who understands the quality standards expected in the hygienic process industries, such as pharmaceutical and food, where GMP and FDA compliance is vital.

At Hanningfield, we have 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing customised solutions to niche powder handling problems. These problems often require custom fabrication to solve, for example; stainless steel baffles, machined hosetails, fittings, moulded silicone parts, to bespoke hoppers / containers to customer-specific drum lids.

We use the latest Solidworks and AutoCAD software for design and have on-site facilities for stainless steel welding, fabrication, machining, assembly and testing. Hanningfield is ISO 9001:2008 certified and can supply full 3.1 mill certificates for fabricated parts.

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Example Projects

Custom Stainless Steel Inlet Funnel for Plastic Drum

Custom Stainless Steel Inlet Funnel for Plastic Drum

Stainless steel hosetail with TC connection at one end


Stainless steel drum lid fitted with silicone dust cap and vent filter


Stainless steel ‘top-hat’


IBC Weld Repair
‘Before’ photo on left. ‘After’ photo on right. Dye penetrant test used in both photos to to highlight cracks and subsequent repair.


Hosetail to Two-Branch Tri-Clover Connections



Hosetails Welded to TC Blank for clamping to cleaning hose



Custom Feed Chute

Custom Feed Chute