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Pharmaceutical Powder Loading

The loading of machines with powder can be a complicated and troublesome process.

The biggest issue is nearly always containment. How do you ensure that no powder is leaked or lost during the transfer?

A common problem occurs during the loading of tablet presses, granulators, high-shear mixer, capsule filling machines etc. Often these are loaded from IBCs in the room above the process room. The difficult part is ensuring the powder transfers from the IBC to the machine without any mishaps.  There are a number of ways to achieve a solution including utilising a rotary valve for controlling the flow of powder, or an interlock system between feed chute and IBC outlet.

An alternative problem maybe loading a machine that is on the same floor as the IBC.  How do you transfer the powder from the IBC, into the machine, without spilling or losing powder? In this scenario vacuum transfer is an excellent method of overcoming this problem.

Hanningfield have more than 20 years experience in pharmaceutical processing and have helped numerous manufacturers to solve this problem.  All our equipment is manufactured by ourselves in the United Kingdom. Although each application is different, each objective is the same - to load powder into the machine without any issues.

For more information on how to solve this problem, please just contact us.

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