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Lump Breaker


• Stainless steel construction
• Low maintenance, easy-clean design
• Compact Size
• Low mounting space
• External outbound bearings
• ATEX Versions available

Technical Specification

• Throughput: Up to 10,000 kgs/hr
• Inlet dimensions: 450mm x 550mm
• Motor Power: 2.2kW

Colin Ellis

Product Profile

The size reduction of agglomerated bulk material is imperative to the success of various processes such as milling and sieving. The SureBreak disperses large particles reducing the strain on downstream process equipment, enabling efficient operation without overloading. Moreover, pre-breaking is ideal for size reduction into machines with inlets too small to accept material in large pieces.

The SureBreak lumpbreaker features either single or double shafts with rotating breaker-arms. The breaker arms cross mesh with stationary breaker bars mounted on the inside of the lump breaker machine.

The SureBreak lump breaker is a low speed machine that reduces the product by a cutting and sheering action. Furthermore, no grinding takes place during the size reduction process, resulting in no heat generation, less noise and no metal-to-metal contact.

Agglomerated material is fed into the SureBreak and is forced between the breaker arms where it is crushed into smaller particles. By selection of the number and size of breakers, it is possible to select a suitable finished product. The SureBreak can be used for a variety of applications across the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and associated industries.

The lump breaker is designed and manufactured by Hanningfield in the United Kingdom.

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